Hostal Hermanos Gutierrez

At the top the port La Brújula, Hostal Hermanos Gutiérrez, it is perfectly connected to the key points of the city of Burgos.

Cradle of some of the monuments of the most significant historical site of the Spanish architecture, Burgos welcomes jewels such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria, authentic exponent of Gothic architecture and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, or the monastery of Santa Maria the Real de las Huelgas and the Cartuja monastery of Miraflores.

Our hotel is just 10 minutes from the center of reception of visitors from the great archaeological site of Atapuerca, so how could it be otherwise, we belong to the Monastery of famous knee by the hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Valle, which is located in the neighborhood of Santa Marina, at the foot of the massif where the castle is located. This is a Catholic church in Romanesque style, located at the bottom of a narrow valley, where a fountain gives us abundant waters. It is the best example of Romanesque basilica built in Spain.